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Alistair MacLeod

Alistair Macleod, one of Canada’s finest writers, has died. In the introduction to a book of essays on his writing, editor Irene Guilford said of him: “Alistair MacLeod’s birthplace is Canadian, his emotional heartland is Cape Breton, his heritage Scottish, but his writing is of the world”. A National Film Board film was made about him in 2005, and said, “Alistair MacLeod has been hailed internationally as a master of the short story, and his novel No Great Mischeif  was celebrated around the world. Most of his work is firmly based in Cape Breton even if its people stray elsewhere. They depict men and women living out their lives against the haunting landscape that surround them. Focusing on the complexities and abiding mysteries at the heart of human relationships, MacLeod maps the close bonds and impassable chasms that lie between man and woman, parent and child, and invokes memory and myth to celebrate the continuity of the generations, even in the midst of unremitting change.”

alistair macleod

Read Steven Galloway‘s fine obituary in The Globe & Mail, and another in The National Post This
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