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Who Doesn’t Love Dandelions?

The French name for dandelions is ‘Dent De Lion’, or ‘Lion’s Tooth’. I like the Dutch name, ‘Paardenbloem’ or ‘Horse Flower’…

by Amy Schimler

Mabel Royds, 1920-30…

Yoko Shima

Botanical Chart by Jung, Koch & Quentell, 1891…

Sanderson Fabrics & Wallpaper

Lara Allport

Dandelion by Lara Allport

Dandelion Tile…thanks Silverpebble

Marilena Pistioa…thanks SeedMagazine

Anna Atkins, 1797-1891 …thanks V&AMuseum

A bigger chalkboard at La T.O.H.U. (National Circus School, Canada), unknown artist…

Dandelion Seeds…thanks CameraNoCamera

Fiona Howard

Emiliano Ponzi

Angie Lewin

Angie Lewin

 Reine Ramseier



Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy, Dandelion ring

Andy Goldsworthy, Dandelion hole

Lucienne Day‘s Dandelion Clock Fabric…

Dandelion Clocks Marnie Foggs 1950s Fashion Print

…and here’s a book dedicated to this humble flower, ‘The Teeth Of The Lion, The Story of The Beloved & Despised Dandelion, by Anita Sanchez. Said to be full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it’s also a bellwether for healthy plant ecology, as well as providing nectar for butterflies, bees and birds…

…and it’s a child’s perennial favourite, as they can pick it to their heart’s content. Below by Kathy Nicholls

…and one of many from my garden… This
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Harbinger Of Spring

The end of winter is upon us with the arrival of snowdrops by Emma Dunbar

Jacques Le Moyne De Morgues, 1575…thanks V&A

Katarzyna Bajerowicz

Craig Cramer

march bloom day scan

Angela Harding

Sue Porter

 Emma Williams

 Elaine Pamphilon

Snowdrops & Lichen photo by Peter Clothier

Emily Morgan

Anji Allen...

Anji ALLEN - Snowdrops and Salt

Eugene Grasset, 1897…

Kate Loveday

Sarah Bowman

Jo Hayman


Corner Gallery linocut…

Alex Hamilton

Liz Reed at GardenCapture

March Tapestry photograph- Natural History- Woodland Theme-Early Spring-Lenten Rose,Snowdrops, Witchazel, Aconite, Bare Branches,

Tim Irving

English Landscape with Snowdrops, 10" x 8" Fine Art Photograph,  Free Shipping

John Hall Thorpe

Landscape designer/photographer Isabel Bannerman. To see more of her lovely, quiet photographs, check out her Photostream

feb 2009 073

Read about her and husband Julian’s work at Hanham Court, their recently vacated residence, with its fields of snowdrops here, as well as a 2009 Independent article on them and their house by garden guru (and my favourite writer on horticulture) Anna Pavord here. A wee film on this magical place below…

…and here’s one by me, again… This
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