Monthly Archives: April 2011


Richard Barry

Edouard Manet

Dory Spector

Mark Rothko, 1958…

Mark Rothko, No. 37/ No. 19 (Slate Blue and Brown on Plum), 1958, oil on canvas, Museum of Modern Art, New York City

Ladislau Rath Berger

Aaron Lifferth

Vanessa Bowman

Sophie Horowitz

Christine McArthur

N. Michelle Tully

Paul Riley

Dana Levin

Nancy Merkle

Phyllis Serota

Plums in Glass Bowl Serota

Sue Brown

Jennifer Bellinger

‘A Plate of Plums’, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1884…

Julian Merrow Smith

painting of Silver and Blue

Tina Rothwell

Lucile Prache

Fall fruits botanical plate - 8 X 10 Limited edition print

Cat Salter


Original ACEO

Carol Marine

Joseph Decker, 1885…

Joseph Decker Green Plums 1885

…and William Scott, 1949… This
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