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The City Dark

Ian Cheney‘s documentary film questions darkness, the ever-changing realms of that state and how it affects us. Is darkness becoming extinct?….

He writes, “Either way, I don’t believe the story of artificial light is a black and white one, a story of good versus evil. Our efforts to curb bad lighting must include acknowledging that there is such a thing as good lighting. And that shouldn’t be hard: We can light our world, for security and navigation, for beauty and art, without ruining our night sky, harming ecosystems or disrupting circadian rhythms.

But to do so — to bring back the stars — requires a few shifts. First, we need to think of the night and the dark as part of the environment, a part of the wilderness that deserves our attention and preservation efforts. Second, we might need to allow simple design solutions — shielded lights, pointed downwards — and the energy savings that come with them to overcome ancient instincts telling us always to push for more light. And finally, crucially, we might simply need to look up more.”

Watch The City Dark – Trailer on PBS. See more from POV. This
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