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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. mike

    Hi, I was just checking my website traffic and was surprised to find your site to be among the larger referrals for May. Im not sure I read that correctly though, as I cant see any mention of me on your site since last year. However, I fell in love with your site in the process of the investigation! Thanks for including my bread and donut paintings in the past. I really enjoy all the art I discovered while looking through your site.

    Great work!
    It’s now one of my favorite bookmarks.
    Mike Geno

    1. Shelley Post author

      Thanks so much for sharing your images, Mike. Your paintings are wonderful! They make me want to get out my brushes and paint what’s in front of me. Your work is so inspirational. I believe that was my New Year’s resolution this year, to paint more, but I’ve been spending all my time cutting wee pieces of paper and collaging illustrations together. Something else to look forward to!
      I’m just compiling a post on cheese, with your work included, so do keep an eye out. Coming soon…
      And thanks so much for the kind words. I sometimes wonder who looks at this blog, or if it’s just for me (and a complete and total waste of my time…I could be painting!).

      Keep up the great work, Mike.


    1. Shelley Post author

      Thanks Nate! It’s so nice to hear that someone is actually reading this blog, and enjoying it as much as I do putting it together. And your site’s wonderful too, where ‘illustration gets all the love’. With all the doom and gloom about the death of print (hence the death of the illustration market), I’m cheered by Charles Hively’s frontispiece in his 3×3 Magazine (#18) about how the market is just opening up, burgeoning for illustrators as we become ‘visual communicators’ in so many new and exciting fields. Your site gives me those optimistic thoughts, too. It’s all out there, all sorts of talent, all those resources and new venues to be tapped and connected together to make new outlets for us all. There’s room for everyone.

      Keep up the great illustration, too. Your stuff is so much fun to look at!

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