The Dogist

The Dogist from E.J. McLeavey-Fisher on Vimeo.

February is traditionally ‘Dog Month’, much to my delight, both on this blog and at The New Yorker (as the Westminster Dog Show in NYC is on then, and we get to enjoy some spectacular dog-themed covers from The New Yorker),  so I’ll be posting all things canine over the next few weeks. The film above is about a man who seems more comfortable with dogs than people. Says MotionArtsProDaily, “Elias Weiss Friedman, a.k.a. ‘The Dogist‘, has amassed 1.8 million followers since launching his Instagram feed  in 2013. His recent book  earned him even wider attention. And now you can hit the streets with this canine photographer in a short documentary from New York City-based filmmaker E.J. McLeavey-Fisher. “There’s nothing really crazy about it,” says Friedman of his work. “I just walk around and say, ‘May I take a photo of your dog?’” McLeavey-Fisher captures the professionalism (and tricks of the trade) the Dogist uses to photograph dogs and paints a portrait of a man who barked up the right tree to find his life’s work”.  Check out Elias at his website, on Facebook page and Instagram