Ellsworth Kelly 1923-2015

ellsworth kelly 1953, with cite Ellsworth-Kelly-Curves-on-White-Four-Panels-2011-via-Matthew-Marks-Gallery ellsworth-kelly-blue-white ellsworth kelly , postcard Ellsworth-Kelly-Green-Relief-with-Blue-2011.-All-Images-via-Matthew-Marks-e1327343048882

“I realized I didn’t want to compose pictures, I wanted to find them”, said Ellsworth Kelly, the 20th century’s master of contemporary art, who has died at the age of 92. His bold, inquisitive eye was like no other’s, and his art making was wide and prolific, including painting, sculpture, collage, drawing and printmaking. He said of his work, “My paintings don’t represent objects, they are objects themselves and fragmented perceptions of things”. Ahead of his time, it took the world a while to catch up with those discerning perceptions of his, with his abstractions on a high plane of quiet, incisive translation of what was around him. Kelly leaves to the world his many, many  elegant objects, imbued with his own unique and boldly elegant vision. Read his obits in The New York TimesThe Guardian, a post on him at NPR, as well as his recent sojourn into fashion at Vogue

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