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The Art of Cover Design

“One of the most exciting aspects of any book’s publication is the design of its cover. Though many voices participate in this creative process, it’s the designer’s expertise that is most critical in making a compelling, eye-catching, and meaningful visual representation of the author’s work to entice readers. In this video, we interviewed a few…

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Sybille Bedford

I’m just back from a week in Mexico, having had the pleasure of Sybille Bedford‘s 1953 classic  book, ‘A Visit To Don Otavio, A Traveller’s Tale From Mexico’ to accompany me (my enjoyment of the book being added to by Jane Poulton‘s beautiful cover illustration). Bedford was known as a writer’s writer, telling and retelling…

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Beautiful Books

Photograph by Mark Wilson of Old Royal Palace, Prague… Louisa Boyd… Irma Boom… The book featured in the video below, designed by Irma Boom on the textile designer, Sheila Hicks, has been deemed ‘the most beautiful book in the world’ by the Leipzig Book Fair… Irma Boom on ‘The Most Beautiful Book in the World’ from D&AD…

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