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An assortment of graphic calendars between 1896-1899 from Dutch Nieuw Kunst (Art Nouveau) artist Theodoor Willem Nieuwenhuis (1866-1951 ). Thanks Wolfsonian FIU Libarary and Japonisme Below, a door designed by Nieuwenhuis for a study in the residence of Ferdinand Kranenburg, and manufactured in the workshop of E. J. van Wisselingh & Co, now in the collection of the Wolfsonian Library….

Paula Sher

In This 2009 TED Talk, graphic designer/typographer Paula Sher reflects on her life in design (she’s done album covers, books, the Citibank logo …) and pinpoints the moment when she started really having fun. She says “Great design is serious, not solemn…The best way to accomplish serious design is to be totally and completely unqualified for…

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Mitsuo Katsui

      by Japanese graphic designer Mitsuo Katsui. Below, I found this image on Katsui’s website, for Masuo Ikeda. Is it a book of Ikeda’s ceramics that Katsui has designed? Packaging? Whatever it is, it’s beautiful and intriguing…