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  1. Linda ellis

    I’ve fallen in love with the whole package, from the awesome studio filled with plants and flowers to her sumptuous paintings and objects. Inspired.

  2. Teresa

    Your poppies and thistles are entrancing. I can’t stop looking at them. Where can your works be purchased?

    • Shelley

      Sorry, Teresa, I’m just a blogger who likes Claire Basler’s work. To find out more about her work, follow the links I’ve provided in the post.

      Best of luck!

  3. Annett Jungnickel

    ich bin soooo fasziniert von diesen wunderschönen filigranen bildern!grosses kompliment-ihre kunstvolle art ist sehr bewundernswert!….ein kleiner gott-wer so etwas kann!!!!

    • Minka Levstik

      Dear Madam,
      I often look at your beautiful paintings and I really adore them.I have also painted for more than 20 years, but you have such wonderful flowers that I need lot more time to roll my brush.
      Congratulations for your magnificent work.
      Best wishes,Minka Levstik from wonderful green Slovenia

      • Shelley

        Hello from beautiful Canada, Minka. I think you’re talking about the paintings I blog about, those of Claire Basler’s, not mine. And yes, they are wonderful!
        Keep getting inspired to create, keep looking and being curious, and you will make something that makes magic for you. And one can’t help but get inspired by Basler’s work (and gorgeous studio…wait, that place only makes me envious!!!).


    • Essie

      Oj så mycket vackert du har skapat under året! Underbar inoairptisnsbank :-)Gott nytt önskar jag dig och hoppas på lika mycket vackert under 2011!

    • http://www.blrimages.net/

      The things is so wonderfully arranged, like the Kali woodcut and the lambs. It is a contrast but still works together and feeds the imagination.The only decorative things I have in the bathroom is my collection of strange looking candle holders. Some are my mothers creations and look like mould.

    • http://www.readunscene.com/

      ㊣——> Hana ~ :唔好講笑,坐低吔個撻先下 ~,妳講得呢,真係啱晒河車架嗟。我都好懷疑,其實呢個世界有無撬牆腳呢味嘢,不如話牛唔飲水根本就唔噤得牛頭低。男人真心愛一個女人,那個女人可能未必所謂完美,但基本上都唔會話飛就飛。正如一個男人,任你點樣999 枝玫瑰,個女人對自己無興趣,都只係自討苦吃。有時候,有 d 人好似為左好勝心,或自以為自己意願一定同人地一樣,咁就弊傢伙喇。


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