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Os gemeos in Vancouver

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“Every city needs art and art has to be in the middle of the people” says the Brazilian duo Os Gemeos (The Twins), and they are bringing art to the centre of the Vancouver Biennale this summer. The brothers are creating a mural that spans six 75 foot high (measuring 23,500 square feet in total) silos at the Ocean Cement Manufacturing site on Granville Island. Os Gemeos have made fantastic  outdoor artwork around the world, and this will be their largest to date. Below, a couple of videos on Os Gemeos and their project here in Canada…

…and watch a trailer for ‘Grey City’ (Cidade Cinza), the documentary on Os Gemeos and the lively street art tug-of-war with San Paolo’s ‘Clean City’ law and its strict views on graffiti. To be screened at The Biennale on September 3rd…

The Biennale says of the film, “Grey City” takes you to the streets of São Paulo, where a new form of graffiti was born when works by artists OSGEMEOS, Nunca and Nina, spread through the city and then to art galleries and museums around the world. When a new law threatens to destroy their work, the artists unleash a graffiti war, starting one of the most creative resistance movements in Latin American art. Presented by the Vancouver Biennale and the Rio Theatre, this movie embodies the power of creative expression to create a movement that is fueled by the people and for the people.

…see my previous post on Os Gemeos can be found here. Thanks DesignBoom

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