Mark Hearld

U.K. artist Mark Hearld has an exhibition, ‘Birds and Beasts’ at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park until February 17th…

Mark Hearld: Birds & Beasts from Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Vimeo.

and look at this gorgeous poster he designed with Simon Lewin for The Fry Gallery‘s exhibition,  ‘The Fry Menagerie’, highlighting the works of Edward Bawden, Eric Ravilious, Chloe Cheese et al, within their lovely collection…

…and here’s his new book, ‘Mark Hearld’s Work Book‘…

…thanks AllThingsConsidered

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3 Responses to “Mark Hearld”

  1. Bill Basso

    Bravo Mark Hearald! And thank you Shelley for posting the most delightful 6 minute video visit with Mark’s wonderful art. Truly beautiful work and ethic.

  2. julie

    Shelley, this is so inspiring. I’ve posted it on our facebook page. (Seriously, I might pick up half of your posts here and drop them down on facebook.)

    • Shelley

      Yes, Hearld is wonderful, isn’t he! And be my guest, re-post anything from here onto Facebook, Julie. I’ll be there soon!


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