retna, west hollywood library

Graffiti artist Retna (a.k.a. Marquis Lewis) has made a fabulous mural for the West Hollywood Library. Influenced by many cultures, from their writing and hieroglyphics to Old English script, Retna enjoys the similarities amongst peoples more than their differences. He says, ‘Whether people can read it or not wasn’t really the point. I wanted people from different cultures to be able to pick something from it and feel that somewhere they were represented, and I think if I pulled that off, that’s where I’d get the most joy’…

…Graffiti has gone commercial, in a good way. Here he is painting murals for Chanel and Louis Vuitton…

na, chanel store robertson blvd

retna,, louis vuitton

Art in the Streets video with RETNA from sage seb on Vimeo.

retna, the retna room, The geffen contemporary @ MOCA

retna, hallelujah

…Retna and his partner in crime, El Mac, talking about graffiti as an art form…

…Read more about Retna on his DigitalBlog

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