Found Alphabet

Found Alphabet

Found Alphabet’, my latest 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for Cobble Hill Puzzles has just been released into the wild, but so far only in the US. This vibrant collage is a medley of my very handmade, typographic submissions to the glorious typography project that is @36daysoftype, the annual, global and super-fun, Instagram challenge (thank you Nina Sans & Rafa Goicoechea, founders of @36days). 26 letters & 10 numerals in 36 days in any style: GO! 
(FYI: In this puzzle, there are 35 symbols, to fit into their 5x7 puzzle grid)
Available at in the US, and coming to Canada very sooooon….🧩
And if @36daysoftype has intrigued you, check out the essay I wrote about it in Uppercase Magazine #55, found in the ‘Press’,  section of this website.

AND I’ve created 3 different alphabet posters from my 36Days submissions, available here, here, and here; perfect for classrooms, children’s bedrooms, or just for type nerds like me :)

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