Time-lapse of my MCM Xmas Collage

Time-lapse of my MCM Xmas Collage
For everyone that asks me if my art is photoshopped, here’s the definitive, unequivocal answer in video form (apologies for the production quality, but I’m not a professional filmmaker. This is a work-in-progress vid, which will get better the more I make ‘em). All of my work is 100% handmade with paper, scissors and glue stick. About six weeks of work went into this collage, from the initial research and design concepts to finished product(s). Hours and hours, weeks and weeks and lots of coffee was poured into this one, with the final piece being rather fun, I think! 

MCM Xmas Collage Time-Lapse Construction by Shelley Davies from Alistair Davies on Vimeo.

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